Redefining the way
we work.

Discover, Monitor, Optimize and Automate
your business workflows on a single platform.

Create applications the way you wanted.

A single platform where you can create your workflow automations and organize tasks.

Automate in hours

With just 5 node types to learn, you’ll be able to integrate everything and automate anything within hours.

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    Integrates easily

    Definework integrates quickly and easily with any REST API or web application.

    • Connect to any REST API
    • Just 5 node types to learn
    • Thousands of templates

    Improve visibility

    Definework helps you turn offline work digital and on the cloud. It also ensures accountability and better control over your team’s processes.

    • Streamline processes
    • Real time data on the processes
    • Deployable in the cloud

    Optimize your process

    Through the data collected in Definework, you will be able to analyze your processes and undergo continuous improvement.

    • SLA
    • Analyze for process bottleneck

    Collaborate better

    Definework makes it possible for any team member to prioritize tasks that move the needle while saving time and minimizing room for error.

    • Automate complex workflows
    • Collaborate across your organization
    • Unlimited use cases

    Custom function

    Solve your problem using custom codes using VBA or Python on Definework.

    Document generation

    Automate document generation without code. Never need to copy paste into text editor software.


    Form builder

    Our form builder has 7 types of questions that you can use to build your forms. You can also use the form internally or share with others outside your organisation.


    View and complete tasks on Slack.

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