Workflow Automation

Email Automation

Let our robot send the email on your behalf. Automate sending email to people using email templates with dynamic contents. Connect email fields such as body, email recipients, and attachments to forms, databases, and variables.

Send personalized emails to your subscribers or customers. Add personal touch and create message designed for the specific needs of your customers.

Spreadsheet and Database Automation

Run spreadsheet and database query or update tables and row on auto pilot using our connectors. Remove human interaction from executing SQL queries. Any user can schedule the automation and store output as CSV or Excel.

Transform data using familiar spreadsheet formulas such as replacing values, VLOOKUP, and more. Get values that are relevant to you and your reporting.

Document Generation

Transform data into documents you can send anywhere. Build documents from scratch or start with pre-made templates. Populate your documents using data from apps or forms. Send your documents as an email, store them in the cloud, or to your assignee for review.

Custom Logic

Create automated workflows that suits your business rules using our logic blocks. You can easily visualize and create the conditions to run the activities.

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