Workflow Management

Workflow Builder

Create time-saving workflows and automate any activities or tasks using our library of activities. No formal training required; drag and drop.

With ready-made components to drag and drop and pre-built templates, you’ll be creating your first workflow in minutes.

BPNM Import

Turn complex process diagram such as BPNM into production-ready workflows. With a single click, you can save time and let DefineWork create the workflows for you.

Manage Workflow through Centralized Platform

Our workflow management system helps you keep everything and manage your workflows in a centralized platform.

Everything you need is in a single location. Access tasks, spreadsheets, forms, and documents on DefineWork without ever leaving the page.

Shared Workflow View

Working in shared workflow gives your team a shared view of progress and goals. Make better decision and solve problem faster through shared workflow.

Easy, but effective interactive tools make it easy to share team information and provide real-time feedback.

Build and Manage People-centric Workflows

Build and manage workflows that centers around people. Improve process and people using live data and feedback. Explore how your team interacts with your processes and optimize.

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